Discover all the startups currently supported by Paris&Co in our 12 thematic innovation platforms and our general incubator.

3D Sound Labs

3D Sound Labs is a technology company focusing on VR audio (3D Audio). We have developed the first headphones-based solution that provides an immersive 3D sound experience for VR applications as well as for a wide variety of existing content.

#E-santé #Technologies #Audio 3D #Hardware #Software
Créée le 26/01/2014


Ambastory is a platform that breaks classic recruitment process codes like speculative application or cover letter. The tool connects candidates with collaborators who occupy similar positions to the ones they are looking for. This way the candidates can benefit from recommendations and support during the recruitment process. The company recruits, the collaborator’s value is highlighted and the candidates projects themselves in their future jobs.

#Recruitment #matching #cooptation

We Are Peers

We Are Peers (WAP) offers a suite of products and services to make peer learning start and last in your organization, to increases the knowledge capital and social links.The suite includes a unique launching program, a complete pedagogy toolkit, web app and mobile app. WAP's current client includes multiple CAC40 companies and first-tier higher education institutions.

#peer learning #apprentissage #edtech #corporate learning #millenials

We Identity

We Identity reinvents the astonishment report by listening the just arrived collaborators and therefore by showing them that they have value. The solution gives operational managers the possibility to benefit from this feedback on the onboarding process and to get propositions to improve, adapt their management style and extend the honeymoon period with their new talents.

#onboarding #integration #values


Linkky is a pulse survey tool that allows you to do anonymous and regular surveys within companies. This solution helps companies to collect opinions from their employees. They are the ones who build the company every day and who have a clear vision of its development. It is therefore important to take their opinion into account before taking impacting decisions. Linkky is a SaaS tool, therefore very easy to implement and to use by sorting out all your results by target, service or localization.

#survey #Hrtech #decision #management

VR Squad

VRSquad offers companies and corporates a platform to create and manage autonomously training programs in Virtual Reality. By engaging and immersing collaborators, VRSquad’s platform trains soft skills as well as hard skills. The evaluation of performances and the follow-up by tutors using Virtual Reality allow to recommend the reinforcing or acquisition of certain skills, but also to consult on the career evolutions.

#HRtech #Edtech #VR


A2IM-ROBOTADVISORS design, build and operate investor robots with artificial intelligence in SaaS. It benefits from 5 year R&D

#BigData #AugmentedIntelligence #RobotAdvisor #ArtificialIntellignece


Addock is a marketing software for managing bookings and e-marketing for local leisure service providers.

#tourism #management #leisure


ADDWORKING insures the management of a company’s freelancers and service providers through its platform of Cost and Risk Management. The solution offers visibility and transversal management of flows and operators (freelancers, subcontractors, temporary workers..) while managing legal risks from the preparation of the contract to the requalification and insurance of payment and invoicing processes.

#HR #legalrisk #freelance #serviceprovider


Ai Shopping is a digital marketing service provider and a cross-border e-commerce player, dedicated to Chinese global shoppers. It’s a unique free shopping app for Chinese tourists in Paris. 

#tourisme #digital #application #e-commerce #shopping
Créée le 04/11/2015



Airfit offers outdoor fitness stations, connected to a sports coaching app. The objective is to provide in free access equipments to optimize the practice of sports in an autonomous way.



Algama is tackling the global food challenge by offering healthy, tasty and sustainable food, harnessing the unique potential of microalgae.

#SmartFood #Microalga #Healthy Food
Créée le 26/11/2013


AllonsBonTrain is a platform which lets travelers benefit from up to 60% discount on their train tickets by grouping them with other travelers when more than 10 people are interested in the same trip. 


APA de géant


APA de géant aims to fights against inequalities in sport by creating and developing secure solutions and training methodologies for Adapted Physical Activities.

#APA #SportForAll #Health


The APPETIA app is the first personal assistant for everyday’s cooking. Its intelligent algorithm answers the question « What do we cook tonight ? » within a few clicks. It suggests customized recipes to each user, based on his tastes, nutritional preferences, available cooking tools and moment inspiration.




Arenametrix automatically collects all your data from your ticketing software. Your data is synchronized, cleaned and enriched.

#Ticketing #Data


Arioneo develops innovative devices that monitor biometric and sport parameters to improve health and performance on horses. We create high-quality information through the strength of our algorithms.

#Sport #IoT #Big Data #Chevaux #Data
Créée le 11/11/2014


Atomic Raccoon is a video game development studio for all platforms. The current projects are arcade racing and political games.


Au Royaume des Dattes

Au Royaume Des Dattes is a biotechnology company specialized in Circular Economy and Zero Waste. Au Royaume des Dattes want to bring up to date the date and its nutritional benefits through healthy and innovative products.



Avanseo is a marketplace lender and a cutting-edge risk assessment technology that offers small businesses a significantly better access to working capital loans. Applying AI and automation technologies, Avanseo eliminates the complexity associated with traditional business finance.

#Bigdata #AI #TPE #Trésorerie #Crowdlending


Aveine develops tools for professionals and amateurs to improve their wine tasting. The first tool is a digitally connected wine aerator that aerates wine instantly depending on the wine.

#SMARTFOOD #IoT #Wine #OpenWineOpenMind
Créée le 21/07/2016


Barratio is the link between your POS and your accountant.
Our promise: Complete your administrative tasks, with a snapshot! From purchases to controls, everything is fully automated, so you can make the right decisions at the right time!

#SMARTFOOD #CHR #management #accounting #scan #ratio
Créée le 05/01/2016


Basile gives you the possibility to recruit through co-optation ! From now on you can manage your co-optation recruitment policy from scratch and get coaching one hour per month from a team of experts. Launch your co-optation process in one week and obtain immediate results.

#cooptation #recruitment #coaching


BeatMe is the eSport mobile app that allows players to reward themselves after a game on their console or PC.

#Sport #eSport #Jeux vidéo #Fair-Play #Récompense
Créée le 20/06/2016


Bequipe aims to improve the comfort and performance of amateur and professional eSport athletes.

#Esport #Performance #Confort


Bird Office is a geopositioned online booking website for professional spaces (meeting rooms, training, conference rooms, etc.) for short durations. The Bird Office catalogue combines all of the available spaces for hire (hotels, business centres, seminar venues, co-working, etc.).

#Tourism #plateform #office #companies
Créée le 23/12/2013


Blocs & Compagnie develops Blockchain-based personal and professional data management applications. For the Fintech domain, we propose audit-trail solutions for digitized Business Data.

#Blockchain #Processus_métiers #Traçabilité #Audit #Données_personnelles


Bloomin is a startup that helps managers and human resources collaborators to increase employee’s engagement by measuring their collaborating experience. With an annual subscription, the user benefits from a very simple, playful and 100% customizable platform. The  information collected in real time is shared with transparency with teams and is transformed in indicators for managers to enhance the performance.

#employee experience #engagement #manager #performance


Bloomizon contributes to your daily well-being through a tailor-made vitamin program. Our algorithm calculates your personal nutritional needs according to your physiology, lifestyle, environment and diet. You are in great shape, healthier and have more organic energy every day.

#SmartFood #Nutrition #Vitamines #Bien-être #Application
Créée le 06/10/2013


Bonanza is an innovative app that resolves recruitment process problems linked to the rising generation: students. With this practical tool, companies' offers are directly disseminated on the various social networks by targeting the most relevant students via their matching algorithm. The student gets the offers through and can apply in one glance.

#Edtech #HRtech #youngtalents is a talent management platform that allows individuals to create a detailed profile of their competencies, suggests career paths in line with their aspirations and expertise and supports them in their professional development. This solution also allows organizations to map the skills of each of their employees, thus enabling to individualize career paths, customize training programs or create project teams.


#Talent Management #HR #Artificial Intelligence #Skills


Braincities is a solution that uses miscellaneous data like social media, CVs or emails in order to match the personality, expertise, professional background and aspirations of the candidate with the culture, projects and goals of the company. This matching is realized thanks to the algorithm that analyzes the personality of the person and predicts among other things the candidate’s career path or the turn-over.

#HRtech #IA

C'est Frais

C'est Frais is a geolocalized online shopping platform which allows you to choose among a set of products from local merchants (Green grocer, butcher, cheese monger, delicatessen...)

#SMARTFOOD #Local #Delivery
Créée le 13/04/2016


C2Corner help brands and entrepreneurs, through our advanced software, logistics and sales solutions, to sell their products on online marketplaces around the world.

# MarketPlaces #Funding #Algorythm #B2B


Carlili is the simplest and the easiest way to rent a car in Paris. No more lines in rental car agencies, we deliver the car right to you when you need it.

#tourisme #location #voiture #oùvousêtes

Chef Bambino

Chef Bambino is a digital platform dedicated to the nutritional education of new generations who created "culinary fables" around seasonal products and creative workshops to create moments of sharing around the "eat-well".

Créée le 30/04/2018


A platform that allows private individuals or professionals (the CLAPpers) to give their video rushes to one of the editors in the community (the CLIPpers) to create a film that suits their needs.

#Tourism #B2B #videomaker


CLEARANCE makes professional drone flights easier, safer and more secure.

#Aéronautique #Drones #B2B
Créée le 01/08/2017

Co Change

coChange is a free application that locates and compares exchange offices and saves travellers time and money. It references more than 10,000 offices in 170 countries. Currency exchange becomes more fluid and transparent.

#Tourisme #Apps #Bureaudechange #Devise

Connected Cycle

Connected Cycle develops and commercializes geolocalization and activity monitoring solutions dedicated to cyclists and to all stakeholders of the cycling world.

#Sport #E-vélo #IoT #Big Data #GPS
Créée le 18/12/2013


DataValoris with its unique and disruptive Artificial Intelligence technology allow customer to create or unleash their Neural Networks to raise productivity by 20% or deliver new services to customers.

#Intelligence Artificielle #B2B #SAAS #Big Data


Deepki is a Young and Innovative Enterprise, which uses its clients’s existing information to make energy savings in the real estate parks, thanks to its SaaS application, Deepki Ready, and without installing a meter and without carrying out an energy audit.

#Immobilier #Energie #Data #Efficacité énergétique #B2B
Créée le 25/09/2014


Digifood is a web and mobile app that creates a new sales channel for all restaurant owners in high-traffic locations such as stadiums.

#SmartFood #Sport #Catering #App #Stadium
Créée le 13/11/2014


Drone Air creates the first series of sporting events of FPV drones (First Person View) massively live and in public, in stadiums and places with video streaming in augmented reality.

Créée le 31/12/2016


EasyLoisirs is the european leading Tours & Activities Software Suite. Connect or access in real time to thousands of products.

#Tourisme #B2B #SaaS #Big Data
Créée le 04/09/2013


Elmut is a premium pet food brand that delivers healthy, fresh and perfectly portioned meals for dog

Créée le 30/01/2018

Emergence Concepts

Emergence concepts assists food-Entrepreneurs and offers the first personal assistant for restaurant owners: Emerg&Cie.

Combining artificial intelligence and human assistant know-how, Emerg&Cie is a unique digital concierge service available 24/7.

#SMARTFOOD #Restoration #Support #Hybrid #IA


Equimov references, geo-localizes and allows online booking of all types of accommodations for horses and riders.

Créée le 31/12/2016


As one of the European online travel service platform integrated ticketing, travel experiences and shopping services, Europass provides online tickets booking, original local experiences and VIP services among luxury brands aiming at Chinese individual travelers and permits them to pay by WeChat.

#Tourisme #Chine #wechat #FIT #Paiement
Créée le 31/03/2016


FamilEat is the 1st meal delivery service developed for families in order to help them with everyday diners and with the quality of their alimentation. Meals are fresh, healthy, delivered every week, everywhere in France, and cooked with natural ingredients from France and respecting seasons.

Créée le 31/01/2019


Fanvoice connects brands to costumers around ideas competition on the Internet, to improve existing products and services, or invent new ones. Fanvoice harvest ideas and automatically analyzes the verbatims to infer consumers interests & motivations.

#Co-création #Crowdsourcing #Crowdtesting #Open Innovation
Créée le 09/01/2014


Fizix offers a unique approach of personal training combining quality of service and innovative technologies to provide the best user experience for clients and personal trainers.

#Sport #IoT #Sportech #QVT #Coaching
Créée le 21/10/2013


A multilingual map guide for smart phones, aimed at tourists in Paris who wish to optimise their urban experience and get about on foot: patentable on-board mapping technology, available off-line, graphic metro route finding, original content and notifications.

#Tourism #Map #Mobility

Football Inclusive

Football Inclusive is the first open source social platform for statistics dedicated to football

#Stats #Football


Footballinclusive is a value-added service for the sale of data and statistics in the field of football. We develop algorithms offering statistics based on user queries.Our singularity: historical depth and selected criteria.

Créée le 15/11/2017


Footbar allows football players to evaluate their performance thanks to an artificial intelligence that uses wearable trackers on the players' legs to reconstruct the game content.

#Sport #IoT #MachineLearning #ConnectedObjects #Football
Créée le 13/01/2014


Footovision is specialized in the analysis, visual representation and modeling of football to create the most tailored football data analysis.

#sport #football #captation vidéo #analyse #statistique
Créée le 23/06/2015


Fotonower develops tools for searching ans recognizing photos and managing rights over images.

#tourism #crowdsourcing #content #C2B
Créée le 08/09/2014

France Hostel

The next generation of youth hostels. Renovated accommodation with great use of technology to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

#tourism #hospitality #hostel #youth
Créée le 24/09/2015

Fréquence Running

Fréquence Running offers personalized training plans for all runners.

#Training #Running


Gaminho is a young and innovative mobile gaming company, dedicated to making Free-To-Play sports games.Our games (iOS & Android):Rugby Duel: Elite Striker: SEED Tennis Manager: (expected Q1 2017)

#Mobile #Jeux #Sport #Free-to-play #industriescreatives
Créée le 02/03/2015


Geovelo developed by La compagnie de Mobilités, is the number one bike route planning solution in France. Geovelo can be used to find an appropriate route for bikes. You can then be guided, find routes, check in the availability of self-service or check current affairs about biking.

#mobility #application #bike


Goaltime Football is the benchmark consumer platform for measuring and analyzing football performance

#Equipment #Platform #Football #Performance



Golazzos is a gamification platform for football fans who can predict the results of their teams and compete.

#FanExperience #Gamification

Golden Bees

Golden Bees is an innovative custom-crafted advertising solution for online recruitment, which uses cutting-edge technologies with state-of-the-art algorithms, supported by candidate data. We manage online recruitment campaigns through our tailor-made, multidevice programmatic ad suite. Their technology is fed by our HR profile data, and help recruiters reach candidates of any kind, and on all relevant websites – whether they are looking for a job or not.

#hrtech #BigDataRH #programmatic recruitment #smartrecruitment #advertisingrecruitment



The only ball thrower really capable of perfectly reproducing the precise movement of the ball.

#sport #football #entrainement #coaching #marketing
Créée le 04/12/2013


Goodwease provides matching saas application for B2B clients and suppliers.Our platform anaylises your supplier’s data and recommends the most relevant partners based on your mutual abilities to work together.We’re unique because we use the dating app mechanisms to provide the perfect match between two companies.


Goshaba offers a fun, fast and fair recruitment. Through gamification (cognitive games and surveys) Goshaba allows to pre-select candidates on their softskills, hardskills as well as the company’s culture.

#gamificatin #recruitment #fun #softskills #hardskills


Travelchain is an open source “blockchain service” platform which manages loyalty programs linked to the tourism services marketplace, aimed at improving loyalty and therefore the tourist brand experience. 



The first mobile-app allowing golfers to increase performances with a smarter gameplan. And get rewarded for it. Like a pro.

Créée le 31/12/2016

Hello Garage

Hello Garage provide in home car maintenance services.Book and pay on-line at 

#Entretien #réparation
Créée le 01/03/2017


Horsicar allows riders to find a transport solution for their horse close to their stables and, if necessary, to amortize the investment of their vehicle

#Renting #Transport #Equestrian


Immersiv reinvents the fan experience by offering augmented reality applications that brings the fan into the action

#FanExperience #AugmentedReality


Infinyfit produces a simple and innovative fitness equipment offering a great freedom of action and multiple training possibilities

#Equipment #Fitness


InnerspaceVR creates and produces entertainment pieces for VR devices (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, PSVR)

#Réalité Virtuelle #Jeux Vidéo #Divertissement #Contenus Narratifs #industriescreatives


Interactive Mobility develops entertainment solutions for transportation and hospitality operators.

#Tourisme #Application #Média #Divertissement #Mobilité #industriescreatives


We organise 3 hours funny tours for groups of friends or colleagues. The challenges are fun. The are animated by an Intripid referee.

#Tourisme #Evénementiel #Fun #Défis


Jenji is the first realtime, data-driven expense management platform. Using Deep Learning and best-in-class mobile apps, Jenji optimizes the whole process from the receipt to the accounting and payroll systems. Our ROI is immediate and customers typically gain 2-3% recoverable VAT.

#Notes_de_frais #Deep_Learning #Data #SaaS #B2B


Jubiles provides innovative drinks from fresh, organic and fair trade products. Discover the kombucha, a finely sparkling drink from the fermentation of tea, selled in a French biodegradable packaging.

Créée le 19/07/2017


We offer an online B2B tool that facilitates distribution of local products, made by artisans and small producers. We facilitate all aspects of purchasing management from order taking to online payment management, and soon logistics ...

#SMARTFOOD #FoodTech #Local #Proximity #Catering
Créée le 14/03/2018


Kinomap is about motion videos (fully geolocated videos), meaning that all records contain a GPS tracker fully synchronized with a video. 

Créée le 13/12/1901


Kipic has developed the first AI powered photo book. No need to spend hours to create your photo books online, we make it possible for people to order their books in just a few clicks. Creating amazing souvenirs feels like magic with Kipic !

#Intelligence artificielle #Photographie #Naissance #BtoC
Créée le 12/10/2016


Thanks to the AI, the Krank club multisports app can help you to find game partners from the same networks and levels (certified levels).

#practice #APP

L'Atelier du Miel

L'Atelier du Miel aims to revolutionize the way honey is produced and consumed by creating virtuous networks of hosts, beekeepers, and clients - and offering transparency, engagement and impact along the way

#smartfood #flavour #beekeeping #transparency
Créée le 25/10/2018

La Cagnotte des Champs

La Cagnotte des Champs is a crowdfunding compagny specialized in farming projects

#agriculture locale #financement participatif #environnement #bonne ambiance
Créée le 07/07/2017

La Pâtisserie Numérique

La Patisserie Numerique offers tools and services to invent new sweet creations thanks to digital manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, digital cutting or folding.



LudHealth develops connected equipments to encourage and facilitate the practice of Accompanied Physical and Sports Activities.

Créée le 31/12/2016

LeCiseau is an online marketplace for hair booking with a guaranteed 50% discount during off-peak hours and last minute availabilities of our salon partners.

#B2C #DIGITAL #Marketplace #Soldes #Promo
Créée le 12/07/2016



Leka is an interactive smart toy designed for exceptional children and an educative tool for parents & caregivers who want to teach through play. We do not replace therapy, we make it easier, more efficient & constant by bringing therapy home.



#E-santé #Edtech #Social #Robotique
Créée le 24/11/2014

Les Déchainés

Les Déchainés is a website that allows everyone to book a tennis court in 1 minute, without commitment and from 11 €

#SportPractice #Accessibility

Les Miraculeux

Happiness starts from the inside. At les Miraculeux, we know that the right blend of nutrients can help us stay balanced, energetic and healthy. Our job is to make that easy, fun and affordable.

Créée le 19/02/2019


LineMeUp is a decision platform dedicated to Fantasy Sport. We have developed our own algorithms to enable players to take the best decisions to gain advantage over their opponents.

#FantasySport #Platform

Little Gustave

Little Gustave offers healty food in jar for child between 4 months to 3 years. Subscribe to Little  gustave and you will received healty and savourous food for your child!

Créée le 12/08/2016


A  browser-based webinar software with analytics, audience segmentation and CRM integrations that works everywhere on IE or mobile.

#webinar #web-conférence #lead generation #B2B #analytics
Créée le 19/05/2016



Lsee offers personalized nutrition to everyone. It becomes possible to determine the diet and physical activity adapted to its own genetic and metabolic features.

#Nutrition #IOT



Mac-Lloyd is a disruptive innovator for wearables and tracking, and offers wearables sensors to professionnal athletes and strategic personnel.Position, speed, and physiological data are streamed in real time and analyzed by BIG DATA algorythms.


#Sport #Big Data #IoT #Connected
Créée le 13/01/2013

MAD (Music. Arts. Design.)

MAD-Music,Arts,Design- allows artists to live from their passion. We provide visibility and access to funding for their artistic projects thanks to our MAD crowdfunding.
Our creative marketplace creates collaborations between artists and brands looking for their next influencers. How MAD are you?

Créée le 12/07/2017


MADEINVOTE gives citizens the opportunity to get involved in the renewal of their neighborhood by enabling them to encourage the businesses or activities they need to open near their homes.Thanks to this innovative crowdsourcing platform, MADEINVOTE is able to provide intelligent market research and federate a community of citizens around a business project.

#crowdsourcing #retail #communauté #commerces #proximité
Créée le 10/07/2016


Mailoop is the first solution to heal the company from the excess of e-mails by providing to employees an intuitive tool to guide the expression of his feelings and by placing everyone at the heart of a cycle of continuous improvement of digital communication. Productivity, efficiency and quality of life are guaranteed !

#productivity #email #deconnect

Max de Génie

Max de Génie elaborates organic low glycemic baking mixes. Developed without refined ingredients, Max de Génie enables you to concoct in no time gourmet and healthy cake and pastries to delight your taste buds without impacting your health!

Créée le 26/07/2018

Meal Canteen

Meal Canteen is a predictive tool for collective catering that will allow kitchens to know, in advance, the affluence and the guests choices by a reservation system that will be found on mobile and PC. Thus kitchens will come out of the fridges only that will be really consumed.

#SMARTFOOD # institutionalcatering #antiwastage
Créée le 18/01/2016


Meat B2B is 1st international BtoB online meat trading market.Our marketplace is aimed at agribusiness professionals: mainly between European factories and Asian buyers.

Créée le 27/03/2019


Memoriz, the simplest app to save, share and find memories in seconds

#Souvenir #Partage #Application
Créée le 30/06/2016


Destygo revolutionizes the customer support between travelers and travel companies through an automated assistant.

#tourisme #Chatbot #IA
Créée le 05/09/2016


Mobiliwork offers a platform that allows companies to simply and quickly organize a temporary immersion of their employees into startups. These mobilities allow employees to develop soft skills such as agility, the ability to learn, boldness, confidence or leadership. In addition to this web platform, Mobiliwork proposes a tailored coaching to help companies implement this device and integrate it in their human resources strategy.

#mobility #agile #softskills


Mojjo revolutionizes tennis with its augmented visualization concept and interactive replay experience for tournaments and clubs. The tennis court is now connected with a single camera.

#tennis #replay #Data

Mon beau terroir

Mon Beau Terroir allow guests to book and pay directly online visits and tastings on farms (cheese, wine, honey, spices ...). For producers, it is a service to easily manage their visit activities in order to generate additional income.

#Tourisme #Ferme #Urbaine #Terroir


My Coach is a solution for processes in the accompaniment and practice of mass sports.

Créée le 31/12/2016


Exsens develops a 3D Body Scan booth that automatically generates an animated digital double of an entire body, in less than three minutes.

#Sport #3D #Avatar #Fitness #VR
Créée le 25/06/2015


MyJouleBox offers a solution to solar professionals in Africa to offer solar installations in leasing to their customers

#Tourisme #Energie #Afrique #IOT #B2B
Créée le 22/12/2016


A service that allows travellers to leave their bags in hotels and stores in more than 60 towns and cities in Europe.



Based on the latest advances of Behavioral Finance, Neuroprofiler is a MiFIDII-compliant customer Risk Profiler for Financial Advisors.

#RegTech #Machine_Learning #Finance_comportementale #MIFID2


NovaLend digitize leasing and brings companies to the subscription model. This new commercial service allows our partners to increase their b2b customers’ loyalty. Through our platform, they can offer and finalize a leasing contract in real time, increasing their sales and margins.

#Leasing #Abonnement #Digital #B2B #Équipement



Novaquark is an indie game studio founded in 2014 by Jean-Christophe Baillie, an expert in AI & Robotics. It operates on funds successfully raised from private investors and remains entirely independent. The company has around 25 employees who are all working exclusively on the game Dual Universe.


#Jeu vidéo #MMORPG #Dual Universe #Science-Fiction
Créée le 20/01/2014


Nowkey designs apps in the field of equestrian sports which enable coaches to use videos as an educational tool.

#VideoAnalysis #Apps #SportPerformance


OLY Be connects students who want to practice mind and body activities like Yoga, with teachers and locations which can host the classes. Those locations can be private homes for semi-private classes between neighbors and friends, or bigger locations for larger group classes. B2C and B2B offer.

Créée le 31/12/2016


Trafalgraph ( is an online media for streaming specialized information, content and calculated trends, about a vast selection of topics. It is the first prescribers and data driven news service in real-time, available to professionals and the curious ones. More than 20 channels are live by January 2017.

#industriescreatives #Big Data #B2B #Media #Pure-player
Créée le 29/11/2016



Oocar mobile app helps you monitor your car’s health and your driving, and proposes simple steps to save money every day. Oocar is a smart car data platform for the automotive industry to help acquire customers, increase loyalty and diversify aftermarket revenues.


#Mobilité #Voiture connectée #IoT #Smart Data #B2B
Créée le 22/04/2015


Optionizr, the app that lets you buy and sell time! Although you may now be able to take an option on buying tickets on the websites for Air France or SNCF (the French train network), this is not the case for booking accommodation, a car rental or an activity.

Créée le 29/03/2015


OtSpot develops a playful and innovative virtual solution that enables fitness centers to attract and retain members.

#Running #VirtualReality


Ötzii is a mobile application that digitizes prescription, send it to the geolocalized pharmacy closest to the patient and deliver medicines and parapharmacy products by a delivery ma, in less than 30 minutes.

#e-santé, #digitalisation ordonnance, #pharmacie, #livraison
Créée le 22/08/2016


Ouibike is a bike rental service with more than 300 rental locations throughout France. When booking a bicycle you can choose whether you want to pick up your bike from a store or whether you want the bike to be delivered to an address of your choice (hotel, hiking area, holiday home etc.). 




Ouihelp is a homecare for seniors company. Through an innovative online platform, Ouihelp enables families to find quality caregivers for their loved ones. Besides an innovative platform, Ouihelp provides daily, relying on top quality caregivers, help to seniors in many tasks (grocery shopping, meal preparation, house cleaning, night care...).



#E-santé #marketplace #Silver Economie #B2C #Aide à domicile
Créée le 21/01/2016


Passito is a platform that enables people to access gyms on demand and pay per hour.

#Sport #Fitness


PayGreen is the first online payment solution to tackle social and environmental issues through two services: Online Rounding Up and Tree, the carbon offset algorithm.

#Fintech #CRM #ESS #Positive_Impact


PIQ Sport Intelligence, European start-up leader in sports robotics in deap analysis of the game of the sportsman and indicates his "winning factor": the set of strong points of his game on which to rely to reach the victory .

Créée le 31/12/2016


Pitchy is a start-up company specialized in the automated production of videos from customizable templates. Pitchy is accelerated at Google 1-year Startup Program.- Pitchy was featured in the Technology category of the 2015 edition of Challenges’ “100 Startups to invest in”- Pitchy was chosen as the 2015 “Best B to B Digital Innovation” during the last edition of the IT Night. This prize was awarded to us at the Casino de Paris in front of over 1,200 business practitioners and granted by a jury of 20 IT and Innovation Directors from big corporations ( clients include : : Air Liquide, Unibail-Rodamco, Groupe La Poste, Bouygues Immobilier, SNCF...

#Vidéo #B2B #Motion design #industriescreatives
Créée le 12/12/2013


Pledg in an innovative payment solution which allows one person to buy for a group without advancing people's share or waiting that they pay. It is the first solution to offer instant payment to the merchant

#paiement #partage #ecommerce #collaboratif #fintech

Points in the City

Points in the City is a solution that rewards the best tourists and enriches their stay by offering them access to good deals, discounts and promotional offers from shops or tourist sites by collecting points. 


 Postmii reinvents the postcard thanks to its mobile, autonomous and ecological three-wheelers which let tourists personalize, print and send their best photos in real postcard form, all on site.


Preppy Sport

PreppySport est la première plateforme permettant d'acheter et revendre du matériel d'occasion d'équitation entre cavaliers de manière sécurisée

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Privateaser is an online booking platform for bars, restaurants and event spaces.

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Créée le 28/10/2014


Qweekle is a B2B platform which provides an all-in-one solution for leisure activities management (booking / online sales, employee schedules, CRM etc.) to increase customer satisfaction, save time and boost sales. 


Q°emotion is a platform for analysing emotions that a brand provokes in real time. Precious informations that can be used to improve the custoler experience and customer relations by perfecting your services.

#Tourism #SentimentAnalysis #FeelData

Raisin : natural wine app

Raisin is the only app dedicated to natural wine allowing you to share, find and enjoy natural wine, anywhere! It connects natural wine lovers with over 580 winemakers, showcases more than 20,000 wines and recommends over 2,500 places (bars, shops, restaurants) throughout the world.

Créée le 31/12/2016


Realcast is developing technology and interactive content in XR (Extended Reality). Its product, In Situ eXPerience (ISXP) offers an interactive & immersive experience through different wireless devices (HoloLens or smartphone) to bring history alive for visitors in different environments. 


Recettes Nomades

Nomad Recipes are social cooking workshops, where you learn with a refugee teacher a new recipe, enjoy your meal and make 60 homeless people enjoy your meal as well.

Créée le 12/12/2018


RECONCIL (Citizen and Local Consignment Packing Network) offers restaurants a takeaway, reusable and washable packaging option to  single-use packaging. Consumers receive eco-designed packaging by paying a small fee : the deposit.Consumers have to return the packaging to reclaim ‘the deposit’.

#B2B2C, #Réduction des déchets, #Restauration à emporter, #Consigne, #Lavage
Créée le 24/07/2017

Running Care

Running Care by Premedit develops eHealth solutions for amateur athletes focused on prevention, self-rehabilitation and injury prediction.

#eHealth #Prevention #Rehabilitation


Shapeheart unveils the first armband that tracks heart rate while making smartphone access intuitive. This armband embeds a sensor that turns the smartphone into the best cardio monitor.


Shapeheart designs the first running armbrand connected with a heart rate sensor and intuitive access to the phone - thanks to its removable pocket - during the race.



Sheriff is an expert chatbot for insurance subscription. It researches, subscribes all kinds of insurance for you. All you need to do is send a photo of your contract for it to analyse it and get you the best deals in town in less that 5min

#b2b #assurtech #bigdata #chat-bot #automatisation


Sitta is a vacation rental booking platform which enables homeowners to finance the renovation, decoration or improvement of their home. And as you book in advance you get the best price on your vacation rental! 



SKYdeals is a retail platform dedicated to air passengers which lets them access discounts and offers on products or services in-flight by connecting to the internet via onboard wi-fi. 


Smart Farming System

Smart Farming System offers artificial intelligence solutions for urban farmer creators.Its AI helps to control a modular system of vertical production under protected atmosphere.Our vision is to support these famers to optimize their production cycles with a constantly improving solution.

#SMARTFOOD #ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE #urbanagriculture #urbanfarms
Créée le 30/06/2018


Smartrenting is a lease management agency that manages the subletting of your apartment in Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux when you are away !



Our tasty cereal-based meal-shakes propose a nutritionally complete solution at any time of the day (breakfast, snacks, meals). All ready within the time of a blink ;) With our products, sportive people can eat healthily and quickly. We offer 6 flavors, sweet or salty, to maximize the pleasure.

#SMARTFOOD #Nutrition #Pleasur #Practicality
Créée le 06/04/2016


SMiLE is an advanced portfolio management platform, offering state-of-the-art investment technologies with highly customized investment assistants.

Should you be a novice investor or a highly skilled investment professional, SMiLE will enrich your investment experiences and your interactions with markets, and people.

#Investment, #wealthtech, #augmented-advisor #machine-learning #agility #excellence #B2B/B2B2C #B2C

Sport Heroes Group

Sport Heroes Group revolutionizes the world of sport by creating connected sports experiences for the general public, brands and businesses..

#Sport #Data #Health #Community


Sportagraph is the first Digital Asset Management platform dedicated to sport photo and video content. Our technology allows brands, sponsors, event organizers and medias to secure, optimize assets organization and sharing to ultimately activate their brand.

#Sport #B2B #Sponsoring #Digital Asset Managment
Créée le 10/10/2013


SportEasy is a web and mobile solution to manage your amateur sports team.

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Créée le 01/12/2010


Staycation is about spending mini-holidays in the best luxury hotels of your city. Every sunday, we provide Parisians with experiences we created just for them in the best 4 and 5 star hotels in Paris, at discounted rates..



Strapi is a software to easily create, deploy and manage APIs. It provides a powerful dashboard and features to make developers life easier.

#API #Node.js #Cloud #Data
Créée le 27/10/2016

Student Pop

Student Pop's mission is to revalue student jobs, by offering students to accept directly on their mobile,  gigs such as Events, Commercial, Administrative or Logistic jobs , while creating a beneficial climate between companies and students.

#Tourisme #Événementiel #Etudiants #Apps


Supernature reinvents broth and develops a range of tasty, natural and healthy superfoods that optimize the performance of the body and the brain, to enable you to live better and longer.



Tassiopée is a French start-up that makes edible containers. The first range of products is based on the concept of a delicious and natural biscuit in the form of a cup, with an inside chocolate coating. The cup resists to heat and humidity and is perfect to serve hot drinks.

#SMARTFOOD #Gourmand #playful #environmentallyfriendly
Créée le 16/03/2016


TemptingPlaces is the first collection of outstanding boutique-hotels in the world: a “Relais-Château for the 21st century”. 

#tourism #travel #boutique-hôtel


Testpass is the first platform allowing sports enthusiasts to test new sports equipment.

#Platform #Reservation #SportEquipment

The Bar Corner

The Bar Corner: High value added service for bars and their customers to allow them to handle the current difficult context (increase in VAT, smoking laws and security situation).

#Nightlife #Bar #Apps

The City Helpline

The City Helpline is the first digital helpline dedicated to handing visitors in real time using its interactive application. Offering everything from an itinerary to a recommandation, or even a translation, their advisors will assist, inform and guide visitors in real time



TheBestJE is a platform that simplifies relationships between students from Junior Entreprises and companies. The platform lists the various missions proposed or sought. The advantage of junior companies is to benefit from direct access to students on the corporate side and to strengthen the expertise and improve the first professional opportunities on the student side.

#student #juniorentreprise #collaboration


TicTacTrip: The first price comparer to combine different modes of transport to offer unique journeys (connecting towns/cities that are not normally directly connected) at unrivalled prices.

#Tourism #Mobility #Data


Tonsser is the number 1 app for footballers. It helps its users to be discovered by recruiters, clubs and brands.

#Football #App


Touch and Play offers hotel and restaurant managers a digital platform that makes the management system for their premises paperless and facilitates customer relations before/during/after their time at the establishment..

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Créée le 05/07/2012


Tracktl is an interactive music solution for businesses and events.

#Tourism #Music #Events


TrainMe is the first platform of sports lessons that links professionals and invidivuals. Our solution makes easier, optimises and diversifies sporting activities.

#Sport #Community #Wellness #QVT #Coaching
Créée le 04/06/2015


Discover traQ'food®, the first application which help you to manage your health control plan and be in compliance with the regulations in force.

Créée le 11/07/2018


Travelkiosk is the travel platform dedicated to airline staff. Designed as a social network and relying on a proprietary api Travelkiosk stimulates the instant share of travel recommendations worldwide

#tourisme #B2B2C #Mobile #collaboratif
Créée le 26/12/2013


Truckfly connects carries, shippers and truck drivers through a platform and a mobile app linked to transportation documentation. We help truckers on the road  and in their activities to simplify load management for all stakeholders.

#Logistique #Transport #Routiers #Application #Marchandises
Créée le 17/09/2015


Wire-fraud costs annualy millions of euros to corporates. Trustpair use a data-driven approach to wire-fraud detection combining assessment of bank account ownership and identification of anomalous payment behavior.

#Fraud_prevention #SaaS #B2B #insurance #big-data


UBIKEY develops technological systems designed to improve collaborative work. Our devices, associated with multi-user software, simplify the implementation of working method, improving interactions and collective cognitive capacities at the same time.




#creative industries #creativity #improvement #digital


A "mesh networking" solution that makes it possible to interact with users' smartphones even when they have no WiFi, 3G or 4G connection.

#Tourism #Localisation #Smartphones

Universal Voucher

Universal Voucher is an application which aims to dematerialize luncheon vouchers quickly and easily. These vouchers are sent directly to the customer by SMS, and are usable with dedicated partners.



Created in 2014, Utocat proposes a blockchain access platform to facilitate and accelerate the projects of the financial sector. Besides, the venture has created Catalizr, a non-listed securities management solution that reconciles banks and real economy.

#blockchain #économie réelle #titres non cotés #éditeur de logiciel #fintech


Vendredi is a social startup which seeks to give everyone the opportunity to have a positive impact on society at work. For interns and employees, doing a “Vendredi” (a “Friday”) is dedicating one day per month, per week or more her/his talents to help a charity or a social company. The companies implement the concept of Vendredi in order to answer the stakes of attractivity, career management and social responsibility. Vendredi’s role is to accompany people and projects with strong social impact, as well as to help companies to simplify the establishment of these unique experiences. At Vendredi every day has its value.

#socialstartup #engagement #future

Ventrus avec vue

The first zero impact nomadic farm-to-table restaurant . A unique architecture, breathtaking views and chefs in residence for a new restaurant experience.

Créée le 22/05/2019

Victor & Charles

Victor & Charles offers artificial intelligence for hotel staff to predict what customers will want.

#toursime #hospitality #datascience #IA

Virtual Dive

Akwatyx designs, develops and sells innovative solutions for virtual dives. Diving clubs can share their underwater explorations with users connected to a dedicated  platform .

#VR #Sport
Créée le 31/12/2016


Visitdata help tourism organizations to successfully turn their data into opportunities.Analytics solution allows an agile and dynamic approach to handle a wide variety of data.The customer intelligence solution make it possible to improve performance of customer knowledge.

#Tourisme #BigData #InformationCollaborative #Personalisation

Vogo Sport

Vogo Sport develops and commercialises the app enabling a supporter on site to see different viewing angles and immediate replay on smartphones, in regular speed or slow motion.

#Sport #Fan #Mobile #Stade #Replay
Créée le 03/06/2013


EATS is revolutionizing the way to take order in restaurants by offering a "connected app" directly in the consumer's smartphone. No more waiting time to order or pay the bill !

Créée le 25/01/2019


Wheeliz is the 1st website dedicated to peer-to-peer wheelchair accessible car rental. We enable private owner to rend their car to another wheelchair user, everywhere in France.

#Mobilité #Economie collaborative #Handicap #Automobile
Créée le 22/10/2014


Whire is an app of job searching and professional community. It allows each person to defend their professional project differently no matter their current situation or their professional background.

#employement #talent #recruitment #skills


wilov is the first pay-when-you-use, cancel at any time, no surprise car insurance policy available 100% on smartphone.

#Insurtech #IoT #B2C #Big Data #On Demand
Créée le 17/08/2016


Windoo is the marketplace that provides the opportunity to organize sports meetings and coaching in the simplest way.

#Sport #Digital #Economie collaborative #B2C #Marketplace
Créée le 18/04/2016


Winglet  is an AI-based efficiency tool for flight bookings. Their API provides demand forecast for Airline and TMC.

#tourism #Transport #SmartTravel #IA


Xaalys, neobank for teenagers, remotely piloted by their parents, aims to support parents in the financial education of their children. Scalable and adaptable, the offer can be declined and personalized, there are as many versions of XAALYS as families.

#Education_financière #Adolescents #Banque_mobile #Gamification

Yoga Connect

Yoga Connect est un site de cours de yoga en vidéo, du débutant au yogi confirmé, profitez-en où vous voulez, quand vous voulez et selon le temps que vous avez devant vous

#Video #Yoga

Ze Profile

Ze Profile is an application which enable consumers to monetize their data within the new GDPR and e-Privacy regulatory framework.The individual user controls its data and selects promotional offers he wants to receive thanks to its profile.

#data #monétisation #e-commerce


AI technology for insurers, to make them enter the era of augmented employees.

#Intelligence_Artificielle #Big_Data #B2B


Zelty is a suite of connected solutions that allows independent restaurateurs and franchise networks to digitize their points of sale from order taking to production and management.

#SMARTFOOD #Gestion #E-Commerce #POS
Créée le 16/02/2015